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The Draft Horse community enjoys displaying their love for the breed known for it's power and elegance. If you follow draft horse shows, there is one woman that helps publicize the Belgians, Clydesdales, Percherons, Shires and Spotted Drafts; Michelle Randolph. This well known Photographer from Texas shares her talent in photography by taking pictures both inside an out of an arena. Michelle is also the author of the book, Make Mine A Draft - a photo collection from her perspective.

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Michelle was born and raised in the small town of Clinton, Illinois. Her and her husband, Bruce moved to Mercedes, Texas upon retiring in 2013. It wasn't until later in life when Michelle saw her first draft horse travelling down the St. Louis parade route. Michelle states in her autobiography that her love for the breed blossomed from that point on.  Since then, Michelle's talents have brightened the lives of so many. Her resume of show photography continues to grow. She is the true definition of a talented photographer views life with their heart, not their eyes.  

Follow Michelle on Facebook or visit her site to purchase photographs of the beautiful horses that compete at our shows. Michellezphotos

Six Horse Hitch Classic Series

Are you an avid fan? Follow the Six Horse Hitch Classic Series to view upcoming shows, new PodCasts, Scholarship Programs, Industry Insides, Point Standings,  and more. Each hitch travels the US and Canada, fighting for their place at the top. Cheer on your favorite hitch and let us know who catches your eye.

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